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We landed an interview that aired in 5 states

I get a lot of comfort knowing that Bitesize PR will alert me when there a journalist working on a story that is right for me. Right after I signed up for Bitesize PR I landed a radio interview for my business that aired in 5 states and lead to a handful of new prospects.

Casey Meehan
Founder, Epic Presence

Now the writers come to us

Our staff used to spend hours on press releases that nobody read. Since the time we started using Bitesize PR, we have been featured in national publications such as Enterpreneur and Crain’s.

Mari Luangrath
CEO, Foiled Inc.

Great way to gain exposure for my business

It has been an amazing way to gain extra exposure for my small business. It's so nice responding to reporters who actually have an interest in me. I simply help them out or give them a quote and I get press. It's a no-brainer.

Andrew Wicklander
Owner, Tula Software

Amazing and valuable service

…I use this powerful tool to keep the flow of solid press coverage coming. I've been quoted or featured in, and many others. What an amazing and valuable service…I highly recommend Bitesize PR.

Katharine Halpin
Founder & CEO, The Halpin Companies

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