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Social Media Blunders to Avoid

What do social media, “fat girl” costumes and republicans have in common? Well, they involve some of the biggest social media blunders of 2014.  Mistakes were made, but fortunately there are things to be learned from them.  For one, never use a hashtag without understanding its context first! Take it from John Oliver, mis-used hashtags can result in epic PR fails. Other PR fails?  Using insensitive or offensive labels or making light of tragedy.  Ryan gives examples of some of the biggest social media blunders of 2014 over at the Intuit blog, as well as advice on how to avoid [Read More]

50 Incredibly Helpful Tips for Pitching the Press

1. Only target journalists that make sense Always make sure that the journalist you target is a good fit for what you’re pitching. Many have specific publications they write for or topics that they cover. If your pitch isn’t relevant to what they cover, it won’t get a second glance. 2. Get to know the journalist Do some research on the journalist.  Many journalists list the publications they write for on their social media profiles or own professional websites.  Do a Google News search, and try to read some of the journalist’s most recent work to get an idea of [Read More]

Press Spotlight: PJMINT, LLC featured in The Wall Street Journal

Check out the recent press bite we scored for Jacqueline Ko Matthews, Founder and CEO of investment management firm PJMINT, LLC, .  You can read Jacqueline’s feature, here.  Congrats Jacqueline!  

Press Spotlight: Entrepreneur Must-Have Apps

Bitesize PR President, Ryan Evans, recently talked with Entrepreneur.com about his must-have apps as a PR Executive.  Some of those must-have apps include HipChat and Basecamp.  Read what he has to say about them, here.  

Andrew Wicklander – Tula Yoga Software

Andrew Wicklander, of Tula Software, picked up a nice little feature in the Chicago Tribune. The Trib even came out and did an in-person interview and photoshoot, which almost never happens any more.

Turning a Competitor’s Shady Tactics into a PR opportunity

It’s intimidating being a small business going up against goliath competitors. They have a ton of money, a huge staff and a lot of resources. But when it comes to PR, savvy small businesses can stand up to larger competitors. A few weeks ago, a small yoga software company, Tula Software stood up to it’s much larger competitor and taught it a few lessons about modern media. Full disclosure: Tula Software is a client of ours. Several months ago a question came up on Quora: “Does Mind Body (mindbodyonline.com) have competitors? Who are they?” Mindbody is a studio management software [Read More]

What is Your Online Elevator Pitch?

As the saying goes, opportunity knocks but once, and it may be brief and fleeting so you better be able to sell yourself quickly. Any business pitch, no matter how compelling, is only as good as its delivery. The original elevator pitch was designed to sell a person, company, or idea to an audience held captive for the length of an average elevator ride, or about 60 seconds, but its modern day cousin, the online elevator pitch, must be (like most things in today’s world) even faster and more efficient to be effective. Sixty seconds? Unlikely. Try 30, 10, or [Read More]

Developing an Angle for Your Company’s Story

Every company needs a story to help define it, set it apart, and give it a sense of personality and purpose. The way you define your company, both personally and professionally, creates that story — if you’re not clear on exactly what your business is about, no one else will be either. When looking to get a clear picture of your company’s best story and angle, start by asking yourself two simple questions: what and why? Start with the basics: -What does your company do? -Why did you start your company? Then, get more specific: -What are you hoping to [Read More]

What’s Your Company’s PR Damage Control Plan?

Crisis communication is designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation. – Wikipedia Crisis communication is a core component of public relations, though not the prettiest part of it.  Hopefully most of your business’s PR efforts are focused on promoting your company and building positive press.  But mistakes do happen.  And when they do, it’s imperative for a business to have a PR damage control plan in place, so that they can execute it swiftly and protect their company’s reputation. The upside is that handling a PR crisis with aplomb can [Read More]

News Wire Services

Here’s an easy 3 step process most people go through to get media coverage: Write a press release Push your press release out on a popular news wire service Cross your fingers What’s beautiful about this process is that it’s easy, quick and relatively cheap. The only downside is that most of the time, it doesn’t get you any press coverage. When it doesn’t work, people often just try to optimize one of the three steps by trying to write a better press release or choosing a different news wire service. Or maybe they chose a different day of the [Read More]

PR is the New SEO

SEO as most people think about it, doesn’t exist.  Most people think of SEO as a technical exercise where a nerdy guy (rarely a girl) writes some magic code on a website and “poof” that website ranks at the top of Google for anything that SEO wizard wants. The reason that people think SEO works that way is because that is actually how it used to work. Early on, search engines weren’t very sophisticated and didn’t to a great job of ranking one website above another one. If you understood the factors search engines used to rank websites you could [Read More]

Do free press release sites work?

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of free press release sites. It’s tempting to think that all you have to do is whip up a press release and blast it off to the universe. Better yet, if you could use a press release site that’s free, you’d be famous and a little richer. Unfortunately, the world isn’t that simple. Free press release sites don’t work. Why? Reporters don’t read them. There is no way a reporter is going to log into a no name wire distribution service when they have access to legitimate newswire services. Not one single legitimate reporter will [Read More]

How to contact the media

PR is a Numbers game (sort of) Getting PR is a numbers game, but it’s not the numbers game you probably think it is. Contacting countless journalists and firing off as many pitches as possible won’t make you famous. But consistently sending good, targeted pitches to the right media contacts probably will. Most journalists aren’t interested in your story, so don’t waste your time trying to contact everyone.  Put a little thought into what kinds of reporters or media outlets are most likely to pick up your story. Build a good, short list You can pay for expensive media databases, [Read More]

LG’s Elevator Prank

In the era of DVR and internet, how do you get people to tune in to ads? You entertain them of course. LG did a nice little job with this prank. I’m not sure that the prank is real, but the millions of views it are real. What do you think?

100 Greatest Publicity Stunts of All Time

Red Bull recently pulled off one of the greatest PR stunts in recent memory by dropping Felix Baumgartner from space and streaming the event live. This stunt inspired us to do dig up a hundred other historic publicity stunts. 100. What a Train Wreck, 1896 In the 1890’s, William Crush of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad had a crushing idea to publicize his company. He organized a staged crash between two full size trains in Crush, Texas (ironic right?). He let spectators view the crash for free and allowed people to ride the train line for the first time. 40,000 people flocked [Read More]