Developing an Angle for Your Company’s Story

Every company needs a story to help define it, set it apart, and give it a sense of personality and purpose. The way you define your company, both personally and professionally, creates that story — if you’re not clear on exactly what your business is about, no one else will be either. When looking to get a clear picture of your company’s best story and angle, start by asking yourself two simple questions: what and why?

Start with the basics:

-What does your company do?

-Why did you start your company?

Then, get more specific:

-What are you hoping to contribute to or change about your industry?

-Why should customers or clients choose you over your competition?

-What do you offer that others in your field don’t?

And finally, to the essence of what makes your company stand out:

-What defines your business philosophy?  Consider the set of values that your business represents.

-What part of your own personal background contributes to your business’ philosophy?

-What is your company culture?  Think professional, laid back, creative, friendly, family-oriented, etc.

In today’s diverse and competitive market it’s not enough to simply be good at what you do — your business will get lost in a sea of other perfectly capable providers.  But much like people, no two businesses are the same and choosing an “angle” for your company is nothing more than discovering and celebrating what makes it unique, different, and yours.