How to Get Press

We thought we’d do a little round-up of our blog posts that encompass the overall theme of “how to get press.”  Check back, we’ll keep adding more along the way!

  1. Define your PR campaign goals and objectives and formulate your strategy.
  2. Develop an angle for your company’s story  a.k.a. your “hook.”
  3. Know how to market yourself as an expert.
  4. Start building a media contact list.
  5. Learn how to write an effective press release.
  6. Start thinking like a journalist.
  7. Respond to media requests for sources.
  8. Start pitching the media by employing these 50 essential rules for writing a perfect media pitch.
  9. Learn how to interview and talk to the media effectively.
  10. Don’t keep reporters away by making any of these mistakes.


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