News Wire Services

Here’s an easy 3 step process most people go through to get media coverage:

  1. Write a press release
  2. Push your press release out on a popular news wire service
  3. Cross your fingers

What’s beautiful about this process is that it’s easy, quick and relatively cheap. The only downside is that most of the time, it doesn’t get you any press coverage. When it doesn’t work, people often just try to optimize one of the three steps by trying to write a better press release or choosing a different news wire service. Or maybe they chose a different day of the week to release their news.

The thing people often fail to consider is maybe news wire services don’t work.

When press releases go out on a wire service, it seems like every journalist in the world is on the other end reading every new release with giddy anticipation. The fact of the matter is that journalists simply don’t pay attention to news wire services like they used to.

James Crawford of Crawford PR had an insightful post about the future of PR where he predicts the end of wire service distribution companies.

The End of Wire Service Distribution Companies. Look for companies cultivating more direct relationships with journalists. Companies will communicate news, opinion & analysis straight to media and other targeted audiences, accelerating the decline of wire service outfits.

It looks like the future is here.

MyPRGenie conducted a survey of 2,400 journalists, asking how reporters prefer to field pitches and press releases. In the survey they found that

“Only 1.4% of respondents prefer to field story ideas via commercial newswires”.

That’s not to say that only 1.4% of journalists use commercial news wires, but it does indicate that news wire services aren’t going to do the hard work of getting your story in front of journalists.