What is Your Online Elevator Pitch?

As the saying goes, opportunity knocks but once, and it may be brief and fleeting so you better be able to sell yourself quickly. Any business pitch, no matter how compelling, is only as good as its delivery.

The original elevator pitch was designed to sell a person, company, or idea to an audience held captive for the length of an average elevator ride, or about 60 seconds, but its modern day cousin, the online elevator pitch, must be (like most things in today’s world) even faster and more efficient to be effective. Sixty seconds? Unlikely. Try 30, 10, or even five. Online audiences are never captive, multi-tasking and short attention spans are the norm, and with banners and emails popping up everywhere the competition is stiffer than ever.

The good news? You have a lot more than just words at your disposal to get your point across. Images, color, text, and video can be combined to send an impactful and personalized message of what your business is about in as little as a few seconds. Whether pitching via social media, connecting over email, or designing the front page of your website, the online elevator pitch can take many forms but it should always have the same basic structure.  An effective online elevator pitch will:

Get their attention  – whether it’s an introduction, connecting with them on a shared value, or simply an attention grabbing (but non-cheesy) tactic

Convey your message quickly and compellingly –  describe what you do and your business philosophy in 2 sentences max

Entice people to find out more –  simply asking people to find out more can do wonders, just make sure to make it easy for them to learn more about you and your business

It should also be flexible in presentation to allow for easy tailoring across differing platforms like your website, social media, and email.

How you present your business to the world, how you frame it and how you pitch it, is an important part of your overall business model as well as your marketing plan. You know what you and your business have to offer, make sure everyone else does too.