What to Do After You Get Press

So you’ve gotten some press, now what?  Here are a few tips:

Promote and Repurpose

First thing’s first – share it! And then share it again.  Consider the different ways you can repurpose the content from your press feature, including your website’s press page, your social media outlets, your bio, your email newsletter, and your blog.  Each one of these outlets is another opportunity to extend the reach and value of your publicity.

Engage your network

Make sure the people in your professional and personal network are aware of your press feature.  It never hurts to make a friendly, personal appeal to friends and colleagues to share the press with their own networks (just remember to return the favor sometime).

Get that link

Links from reputable publications and media outlets have great SEO value, which means your website shows up higher in internet searches.  So make sure that any online press you receive is accompanied by a link back to your website.

Finally, remember that an effective promotional strategy will integrate both public relations and marketing components.  Consider how your press outreach will complement or fit into other parts of your marketing strategy.

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