Convert Your Inbox Into a Sales and Marketing Machine

This article is by guest author Chris Hornak, who has been developing digital marketing campaigns for over a decade. He is the CEO and Owner of Blog Hands a service that helps businesses and agencies develop content to tell their story. In his spare time, he loves to play video games and spend time with his friends and family.

Marketing and Sales are two of the most important factors for a solo entrepreneur or small business owner. When you are going it alone or you are running a small team, you need all the help you can get.

The following tools will help you automate your sales and marketing. You’ll be able to improve both just by reading your email.

Brand Mentions – Get alerted about online mentions of your brand.

At one time, media monitoring agencies provided companies with the details of when and where their brands had been mentioned in the media. Now, with, you can take that power into your own hands.

Develop your own insights into how your brand is performing and how your brand is perceived exploring real-time monitoring, using competitive analysis tools, finding influencers, customizing your insights, and setting up automated reports.

With, you can see and act on the data immediately. It’s easy to take action right from inside the app. Even better, you’re able to receive these useful updates about how your brand appears on the web and across social media right in your inbox.

This application will allow you to monitor not only your brand, but any keyword relevant to your business and your industry. You can also, therefore, monitor the performance and perception of your competitors.

Tune out irrelevant sources, languages, and even sentiments, to get the precise data you want.

PR Opportunities – Get niche online PR opportunities.

How would you like PR opportunities to come directly to you instead of you having to search for them? Bitesize PR connects businesses like yours with journalists looking for quotes, interview subjects, and expert opinions.

Sign up for this service and you’ll receive email and/or text notifications of PR opportunities relevant to your business. Reply to the best of more than 1000, searchable opportunities per month and the relevant journalists will consider your response.

The value of PR is hard to quantify, but it’s good for improving brand awareness and building your reputation as an industry leader and thought leader.
Getting good PR can be hard work, but Bitesize PR does a lot of this for you.

Twitter Networking – helps identify potential leads via twitter.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably Qureet.Twitter is a social network potentially full of leads for your business, but monitoring timelines and lists take a lot of time. What if there was an app that did this for you?

After you sign up and describe your product or service, a Qureet employee will optimize Qureet so that you receive new leads in your inbox. It will monitor Twitter 24 hours a day, seven days a week, finding other users that it believes will be interested in your offering.

This is an easy way to find potentially lucrative sales every day of the year. You’ll receive email alerts in real time, so you won’t miss an opportunity. You can act while the information is still hot. Even better, you won’t have to get eye strain scrolling through Twitter feeds for hours a day.

Sales Prospects – Get alerts when LinkedIn finds potential leads.

LinkedIn is well-known as a powerhouse for networking and making contacts. Like Twitter, however, searching through all these potential leads can be time-consuming.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool that will allow you to target the right companies and buyers for you. Its sophisticated algorithm will save you a lot of time. You can use that time nurturing your leads or perfecting your sales funnel or any other aspect of your marketing and sales.

Not only will Sales Navigator provide you with leads, but it will also give you sales insights so you can build relationships more effectively. You can do so on the go with a mobile app.
In addition to providing you with custom lead recommendations according to your preferences, it also offers advanced search capabilities, real-time updates, and the ability to import sales data to and from your CRM.
Maintain a professional and trusted brand image, use the power of your existing company network, understand buyer intent, and follow up more effectively. This delivers everything you would expect from LinkedIn.

SEO Notifications – Get alerts when your website has new links from other websites and learn of potential SEO roadblocks.

Most of us know by now how important SEO is to the success of a business online. SEOprofiler helps you get “all the tools that you need in one place.”

To achieve better rankings in search engines, SEOprofiler will provide you with tools for link analysis, competitive analysis, web page optimization, keyword research, link building, website audits, social media, and more.

This app is flexible enough to adapt to your needs, whatever the size of your business and whether you are working alone as a marketer or as part of a marketing team. You can generate attractive reports using your own branding to illustrate your objectives and performance to your workforce or backers.

Overall, this app offers a useful range of tools that will help you analyze your performance and stay ahead of your competition.

Marketing and sales require many activities. We must analyze the marketplace, target our audience, provide the right product or service, and then provide effective follow-ups, adjusting our strategies, tactics, and even our goals as we go.

It can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Any and all of these five apps will give you some awesome power, providing you with brand mentions, PR opportunities, Twitter networking, sales prospects, and SEO notifications.

These tools will do a lot of the work of marketing and sales for you and they’ll even alert you when something interesting comes up. Focus your efforts on making the most of data and leads.

With the right help, you can stop pushing your business uphill. Start leading from the front, looking towards your goals and profitable opportunities.