Editorial Calendars and Public Relations

What is an Editorial Calendar?

Editorial calendars are used by content publishers to plan and organize their content. The main purpose of an editorial calendar is to control the publication of content so that it meets the needs and interests of the publisher’s audience and advertisers. Publishers generally make a portion of their editorial calendar publicly available.

A formal editorial calendar will include items such as the media outlet (if it’s a bigger publisher), story ideas, authors, style specifications, and a content production calendar. The publicly available editorial calendar will specify the upcoming themes, features, and publication dates of future issues. This information is often included in the media kit that publishers provide to advertisers, and can generally be found on the publisher’s website.

So what do editorial calendars have to do with public relations?

While they are geared primarily toward advertisers, editorial calendars are also used by writers to pitch story ideas and public relations professionals to place stories for their clients. Because the publication’s upcoming feature topics are publicized in advance of their publication date, editorial calendars provide an excellent opportunity for writers, PR professionals, and business owners to conduct media outreach in a tailored and timely way. Provided there is a match between your background expertise or story idea and the editorial topic, your media pitches are more likely to be successful, because the publication is already actively seeking sources and story ideas on that topic.

There are many advantages to using editorial calendars as part of your PR and media outreach strategy:

  • For one, understanding the media outlet’s upcoming feature topics allow you to tailor your pitch to the editor or reporter’s needs much more effectively, and can build the foundation for a future relationship. Reporters will know and appreciate that you’ve done your homework and can offer them value on future stories they’ll be working on.
  • Also, most editorial calendars include the publication’s audience and circulation, making it easy to identify and reach your own target market.
  • Finally, editorial calendars can help you organize your media outreach schedule, so that you are pitching opportunities year-round.

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